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We have it all.

Our portfolio of offerings in the Energy and Information Technology space meet your needs on any level throughout the nation. The Fintesa Platform provides custom price models for your utilities, office technology, IT Services, furniture, and more to ensure that you can consolidate your investments to secure the best rates. To make the offer sweeter, our terms and conditions are negotiated with protections for your organization, for your investment, and for all parties involved in the procurement process.

What we believe in...

While other companies may have similar capabilities, our culture is what sets us apart. We know it is the enthusiasm we bring to what we do that makes Fintesa so successful. When hiring new employees, or considering a new partnership, we strive to connect with those who share our values.

 Work Together 

Our ability to serve you hinges on our willingness to connect with one another. Driven by mutual respect and a spirit of transparency, we find shared purpose in our specialties, meeting client needs and serving our communities. We challenge and inspire each other, celebrating both individual and shared successes.

 Create Value 

We are a company of innovators. Always seeking new and creative solutions to even the most familiar challenges, we offer strategies to suit your unique needs. With industry-leading technology and some of the brightest minds in the business, we are committed to creating value for our clients.

 Be Tanacious 

Fintesa began as a group of independent business owners and this same entrepreneurial spirit permeates our culture today. We’re curious, we take risks, and we act boldly on your behalf. We are firm in our commitment to our clients and to ensuring we find the best solution to drive their business forward.

 Embrace Diversity 

We are dedicated to helping you make the best decisions for your business. In order to do this, we selectively hire professionals with multi-dimensional skill sets and perspectives. Diversity of thought enhances our ability to offer you creative solutions, allowing our teams to see familiar problems in a new light.

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 Embrace Community 

Our commitment to one another transcends the office. Whether enjoying a team-building exercise, sponsoring local organizations, or volunteering at a community event, we’re conscious of our collective impact. Connecting with our community builds our self-awareness, camaraderie and influences our world-class client service.

Things that make us a little different ...


Fintesa was founded by tenured professionals who designed our services solely with  the customer’s needs in mind. We are unbiased, uninfluenced by vendors. Everything we do is from your perspective and to your advantage.

  An Unbiased Advocate  



  Our Platform                     

Our service lines, each led by specialists in their field, are interconnected to enhance your business. This ensures seamless delivery and,
since we offer a complete, full range of services, eliminates the need to source multiple partners.


We Like To
Stand Out


  Our People                       

Our greatest asset is our people. Led by seasoned principals with years of experience, we hire selectively and incentivize continually. We pride ourselves on empowering our employees to act decisively and think innovatively.

As the only Houston-based brokerage firm managing both Energy and Office Technology investments, we are hyper-focused on introducing the procurement platform used in the energy sector to the office technology market. We offer creative solutions and unbiased advice to our clients and provide executive leadership on every account. We believe this kind of involvement generates the superior service that our clients have come to expect from Fintesa.


Making the right choice has never been easier.


  Our Structure                   

As a privately-owned firm, we can adjust quickly, easily scaling project teams or service offerings to suit your needs. To ensure excellence in service delivery, all projects are led by senior-level managers from beginning to end.


Transparency is a cornerstone of how we do business. In fact, our delivery model requires it. Transparency is what allows us to foster lasting, meaningful relationships with each other and with our clients.

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How It Works

Financial Assessment

  • Assessment of Current Agreement(s)

  • Analysis of Current Infrastructure

  • Post-Pandemic Plans

  • Financial Goals & Budget

  • ROI Forecast

  • Review of Fintesa Platform

Scope of Work

  • Negotiation Results

  • Recommendations

  • Review of Attainable Goals

  • Review of Forecasted Savings

  • Review of Current Market

  • Review of Investment 

Implement Plan

  • Installation/Activation

  • Set up Portal

  • Quarterly Account Reviews

  • Vendor Audits

  • Service Plan Audits

  • ROI Monitoring

  • Portfolio Management

  • Energy Management

Here are a few things
we specialize in...

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