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Live Life To Your Standards

Our portfolio of offerings in the Energy and Information Technology space meet your needs on any level throughout the nation. The Fintesa Platform provides custom price models for your utilities, office technology, IT Services, furniture, and more to ensure that you can consolidate your investments to secure the best rates. To make the offer sweeter, our terms and conditions are negotiated with protections for your organization, for your investment, and for all parties involved in the procurement process.

We have it all.

Upgrade Your Home!



Smart Home


Solar Energy

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Home Office



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Purified Water

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Let's Work Together

Our finance partners make home improvement a piece of cake. Live life at ease with Fintesa.

             Loans up to $100,000.00 with rates as low as 2.49% APR!

                Checking Rates WILL NOT affect your credit score!

                Your loan offers are shopped for you with multiple lenders!

How it works...

We have traditional and no credit check options for financing your next project. Whether it be with one of our lenders, or one of your choice, we intend on providing what you need fast, at the best price, and with the highest level of quality.

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Apply Online in Seconds

You will be asked questions to tell us about yourself and how much you intend on borrowing.

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Choose Your Best Offer

Compare Rates, Terms, and Payment Options among competing lending partners.


Get Your Money

Receive Your Loan Proceeds and Pay Us For Our Products and/or Services for Your Project. 

Projects we can finance...

Our home renovation programs focus on ensuring that we can meet your needs both quantitatively and qualitatively. It has been our goal to become everyone's "go-to" when it comes to energy, technology, and office furniture. Check out the projects you can finance and give us a chance to help you find the best plans for your projects.


Home Renovations

All home renovation projects inside and outside can be financed. Roofing, flooring, electrical, and plumbing are what clients pursue most.


Appliances & Furniture

Nothing is worse than an appliance going down unexpectedly. Don't wait on your next check and contact us to help find the best plan.


Smart Home Automation

We can finance all of the applications needed for a Home Automation project! Shop our bundles to see what is the best plan.


Office Technology

Do you need a home office? We can finance the furniture, hardware, applications, and services for you here. Get started by applying online!


Solar Energy Panels

Owning your power not only reduces your home expenses, it also allows for huge tax incentives. Let us help you save and get paid.


Generators & Water Treatment

Live with confidence and look at how affordable generators, water softeners, reverse osmosis, and alkaline systems have come to!

Get a Quote

You not only deserve to live with ease and peace, you deserve the best price! Get started today.

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