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Our portfolio of offerings in the Energy and Information Technology space meet your needs on any level throughout the nation. The Fintesa Platform provides custom price models for your utilities, office technology, IT Services, furniture, and more to ensure that you can consolidate your investments to secure the best rates. To make the offer sweeter, our terms and conditions are negotiated with protections for your organization, for your investment, and for all parties involved in the procurement process.

We have it all.

Not For Profit Organizations

We work closely with our business community and have developed aggressive pricing models that fit the procurement strategies that non-profit companies have. It is our goal to utilize our purchasing power in a manner that runs circles around co-op pricing models! If you are currently participating in a co-op program, then I assure you that you need to review our pricing to ensure that you are actually offered the best plan available. The fact of the matter is that the margin that is made is padded in the lease rates. Do not fall for the old illusion ladies and gentlemen! Competition is here for a reason, and cooperatives are established to aggregate and maintain profitability. Get your best pricing here and upload the information we need to price your deal!


Energy Programs

We provide the most aggressive rates, equipment, and services in the industry for both residential & commercial clients! What are you waiting for, these rates are not unicorns... they are real! We have it all for customers of any size! We provide the agreements you need for energy usage, generation, management, and marketing. Get in touch with one of our expert brokers today!

Energy Programs

Commercial & Residential

Energy & Office Technology

We offer all Top Tier products and services at a price that is unprecedented in the industry for Printers & Copiers, VoIP phones, Computers, Servers & Switches, and just about all of the essentials for the office! Consult with one of our expert brokers and start saving now. Work with us to help our business and residential communities to quit wasting time and money! Get a quote today.


Energy, Office, and Industrial

I.T. Services

Our Strategic Partners can support all levels of clients from start-ups to enterprise levels! We work with you to align your initiatives and needs to our products and services in the best manner available. All it takes is a simple request for a quote or network assessment to get started!

Network Services

Commercial & Residential


Fintesa Platform Offers...

  • Solar Energy with/without panels

  • Generac Standby Generators

  • Industrial-grade Generators

  • Demand Response

  • Energy Management

  • Lease Administration

  • Automation Products for Business

  • Automation Products for your Home

  • Document Management

  • Grading Software

  • POS Systems

  • Augmented Reality, IoT, A.I.

  • Water Treatment Products

  • Air Purification Products

  • Personal Financing

  • Business Financing

  • Home Improvement

  • Real Estate

  • Rental Programs

Other Offerings

Reasons to work with Fintesa

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You not only deserve to live with ease and peace, you deserve the best price! Get started today.

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